Madeline Lee is a visual artist, creator, and collaborator who explores the intersections of identity and place. Her work is based in observing people, environmental shifts and the subtle processes that create our daily lives. She is captivated by:
food as storytelling,
the creation of home(s),
attention, observation & unravelling objectivity,
and the edges where things meet.

Madeline grew up near Cleveland, Ohio and is now based in Cambridge/Boston. She has a B.A. from Tufts University and has an affinity for urban farming, sharing food and experimentation while staying in the background.
exhibits / other projects
Stories from the Earth, 2022 | Umbrella Arts Center, Concord, MA
Human/Nature, 2022 | Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown, MA
Human Being / Being Human, 2022 | Newton Art Association x Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry, Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA
Intergenerational Storytelling, 2022 | Pao Arts Center x Unbound Visual Arts, Boston, MA
inPUBLIC Festival, 2021 | Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI), Downtown Crossing, Boston, MA
Bundok | Mountain, 2021 | Creatives of Color Boston, Boston, MA
Emotion Revolution, 2020 | Dorchester Art Project, Boston, MA
Portraits in Refuge, 2020 | Unbound Visual Arts, Boston, MA
New Narratives, 2020 | Unbound Visual Arts, Boston, MA
The Wasteland on Earth?  2019 | Unbound Visual Arts x Harvard Ed Portal, Boston, MA
Observing Sites of Friction, 2019 | Tufts University, Medford, MA
a plant meal: intimacy & unfamiliarity, 2018 | co-conspirator w/ Ana Sofía Amieva-Wang, Somerville, MA